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One of the first things you must decide upon is the appliances that you are going to put in your new kitchen. Cabinets are ordered to fit these appliances as well as the sink. Please check with manufacturer specifications or measure the appliances to assure no problems will occur with installation.

The info below is meant to be basic information to give the customer a direction on which to begin planning. You, the customer, can use any machination of the below packages to design your kitchen.

Here are the basic appliances packages for most kitchens:

Package 1-most common

30" freestanding range

30" over the range microwave or hood

36" wide refrigerator

24" dishwasher

Package 2

30" cooktop

30" double oven or single oven/microwave combo

30" over the range microwave or hood

36" wide refrigerator

24" dishwasher

Package 3

36" cooktop

30" double oven or single oven/microwave combo

36" over the range hood

36" wide refrigerator

24" dishwasher

Those are the basic packages. The cabinets that you would order for the appliances are as follows-heights of cabinets are going to depend on the design of your kitchen:

30" cooktop= SB30 or B30

36" cooktop= SB36

30" double oven or 30" single oven/microwave combo = 30" or 33" wide oven cabinet

30" over the range microwave = W3012, W3015, W3018, W3024 (the height of the upper cabinets will depend on the height of the upper cabinets -see CABINETS 101)


DISHWASHERS- 95% of dishwashers are 24" wide and your kitchen should leave 24 1/4" for the appliance. Any flooring more than 7/16" thick (such as some travertine) the base cabinets may need to be raised so that the dishwasher height will still fit. Most wood, laminate and tile flooring are 3/8" thick this flooring doesn't present any problems.

REFRIGERATORS-most refrigerators are 36" wide and no more than 72" on the front edge where the hinge is located. The cabinet opening should be 38"X72" to 39"X72" if the fridge is against the wall this is to allow the fridge door to open properly. You can purchase two 24" deep panels to create a built in look. Some special built in refrigerators have heights of 84" and widths of 36", 42" and 48". If you are going to do a special built in fridge that won't fit in the the standard 38"X72" opening then you decide that before ordering cabinets and design kitchen around it.

RANGE HOODS- range hoods are either vented or not vented/recirculating. If you want the hood to be vented, the vent needs to line up with the center of the cooktop or the slide in range opening. Over the range microwaves can be vented or not vented/recirculating also. Microwaves normally have a fan that be flipped a quarter of a turn to make the microwave vented or not vented.

OTHER APPLIANCES- Wine Chillers, under counter refrigerators, and trash compactors are some of the other appliances that are commonly found in kitchens. These vary in sizes so please see the specification of the manufacturer to see the installation instructions.

For more information see Cabinets 101