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Kitchen and bath cabinets have standardized over the years and come in sizes which make designing your own kitchen more easy to do than ever. See some of the standard dimensions below in order to better design your own kitchen.

Kitchen Base Cabinets- Our kitchen base cabinets are 34 1/2" high and 24" deep. The width of the base cabinets come in 3" increments and start at a 6" spice drawers and go up to 36" wide (SDB6, B9, B12, B15, B18, B21, B24, B27, B30, B33, and B36). Since the depth and the height the cabinet doesn't change the width is the only item that will change on the cabinets.

Upper Cabinets- Upper cabinets come in widths similar to base cabinets and come in varying heights and the majority of them are standard 12” deep. The widths vary from 9” to 36”.

There are 3 basic heights in our upper cabinets- they are 30” high, 36” high, and 42” high. The other cabinets are called bridge cabinets. these are called bridge cabinets because they bridge the distance of the range or refrigerator or sink . The bridge cabinets vary in height from 12” high to 24” high.

Upper cabinets that are not bridge cabinets are installed at 54” off the floor. The 54” is normal for the industry. When you install the upper cabinet at 54” off the floor this allows the top of the upper cabinet to align with a tall cabinet such as pantry or an oven cabinet if this is in your kitchen design. If your kitchen is designed so that the uppers line up on the top then you would use these rules of thumb.

The Pantry or Oven Cabinets that will line up with upper cabinets is as follows:

30” High Uppers will align with 84” tall cabinets- top height is 84”

36” High Uppers will align with 90” tall cabinets- top height is 90”

42” High Uppers will align with 96” tall cabinets- top height is 96”

The bridge cabinets will be over the range and refrigerator- rule of thumb is the following:

30” High Uppers will be 12” or 15” high

36” High Uppers will be 18” high

42” High Uppers will be 24” high

Some of the uppers over the refrigerator are 24” deep (same as base cabinet) to allow for easier access to that cabinet. When your kitchen is designed with the 24” upper you need to plan for a refrigerator panel which is a 1 1/2” or 3” wide filler on the front edge with a ½” plywood panel attached. Please see exact specs and pic on accessories part of your color/door style selection. You may need one or 2 panels depending on your design. (A wall can act as a second panel, in that case, you would only need one)

Bath Cabinets-Most of our bath cabinets are 34 1/2" high and 21" deep. Just like the bases and upper cabinets, the cabinets come in 3" increments on the width. Please see the individual product line/color you have chosen for exact sizes.

Accessories- Separate category on website and has all the odds and ends needed to complete the installation of your kitchen such as fillers, toe kick, scribe molding, crown molding, corbels, etc. Every kitchen will need some of this material to complete the kitchen. Scribe molding, crown, and toe kick come in 8' sections. If you would like to figure it yourself or get ahold of a Cabinet Depot represenative to help you with figuring out the quanities of each accessory.